Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa 君の名は) Collector’s Edition 4K UHD Blu-ray Unboxing


Your Name was a meteoric global success when it premiered last year, and since then, it has gone from strength to strength. The global box office and animation precedents it has smashed and set have been nothing short of prodigious, and it has swiftly risen to become a firm favourite in my collection. Last week marked the film’s much-anticipated home release in Japan, with a few editions available for purchase, with the difference dependent on how much one likes stickers and abridged versions of artbooks. Unfortunately, FUNimation have not yet confirmed a Western release date for Your Name, with only a nebulous announcement that we should look forward to it later this year, presumably on account of its relatively recent North American theatrical run. Fortunately, CoMix Wave Films and Toho, in an unprecedented and astute move, have added English and Chinese subtitles to all Japanese Blu-Ray copies, which are also region free. So, if you’re like me, and you adored the film too much to wait (or maybe you’ll buy it twice!), you can enjoy Your Name on Blu-Ray, hassle-free! Without further ado, here’s a quick look at the breathtaking Your Name 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition, and all the gorgeous goodies it has to offer!


The outer case is minimalistic, which feels almost sacrilegious compared to the vibrant colour of the digipak inside, or the film in general. Despite the slight pearlescence of the case and the font, it’s rather plain.

However, there is a little insert that wraps around the base and up the back that functions as a blurb, of sorts, and breaks up the monotony a bit. Also, once the contents are visible- wow! What a difference a little colour makes. From top to bottom; the blue book is a pocket edition of the original recording script, the thin, white booklet is a 100 page art and interview book, and the bottom is the digipak.

The one item that comes with all editions of Your Name is this little sticker sheet, of chibi Mitsuha and Taki as they appear throughout the film. They’re almost too cute to use!


There’s also a little flyer of things available to purchase at the Toho Animation online store. From high-quality prints, to a replica of Mitsuha’s kumihimo cord that Taki wears as a bracelet, to the film’s manga and light novel adaptations, Toho have you covered! On the inside, there’s a little advertisement for the artbook of the movie’s scenery that’s coming out later in August, as well as some prototype pictures of GOOD SMILE company’s Nenderoids and 1/8 scale figures of Mitsuha and Taki that have been announced. Although there’s no date announced as to when they’ll be available, one thing’s for certain- you wouldn’t want to preorder one without the other!

I almost lost this in the packaging of my parcel due to how small and thin it is, but this appears to be a special film bookmark. It’s a little envelope, sealed on the back with a barcode. I’m not sure if it’s just a film related bookmark, or if it literally contains film- I’m too scared to open it!


Now, the digipak! Oh, the digipack! The discs themselves are works of art, and are stills of the sky from the film. Layering them with warm tones juxtaposed against cool, Shinkai knows how to capture a sky. These discs are packed with extra contents, such as visual commentary, storyboards, promos, music videos of RADWIMPS’ tunes from the film in English and Japanese, bonus audio, event footage, AND more! The level of dedication and care that went into creating the film from the making-of footage is evident.

As for the outer gatefold artwork, created by the combined efforts of Shinkai Makoto, art directors  Tanji Takumi & Majima Akiko and character designer Tanaka Masayoshi, my words simply cannot do it justice. From the way the kumihimo links Mitsuha and Taki like the flowing, fabled red string of fate to the Tiamat comet that splits over their heads, to the gradient, it’s beautiful.

The 100-page booklet is an excellent prelude for anyone planning on buying the art books of Your Name. Each main character has a few pages dedicated to an interview with their respective seiyuu about their thoughts on their characters, as well as interviews with RADWIMPS and some of the artistic directors, some illustrations, concept artworks, Q&A with Shinkai, etc. Unfortunately, being softcover and my not wanting to bend the pages too much, it’s a bit difficult to take good pictures of the contents, but it’s absorbing to browse through.

Lastly, there’s the script book. It’s also soft cover, and I don’t really know what to say about it. Unfortunately, there’s no storyboards inside, but otherwise, it’s exactly what it says on the tin.

Overall, it’s fantastic to see such an extensive release that is so accessible for English-speaking audiences! This simply proves that the Your Name juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, and as longtime fan of Shinkai’s, the sort of recognition that film is earning him is exciting! Whilst 4,390 yen ($49 AUD) to 10,990 ($124 AUD) doesn’t seem that cheap for a simple Blu-Ray or the extended editions, I’m always one to attempt to get my money’s worth, and, having already watched the film three times this week, I believe I shall!

Will you be buying one of the Japanese Blu-ray copies of Your Name? Or can you hold out until FUNimation and its affiliates release it later this year? Let me know your thoughts, and like, share and follow if you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!



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