I am Emma. I am a humanoid made of meat that has numerous foibles and peccadilloes, some of which this page will deal with. Video games are one of them; a curious preoccupation with bad taxidermy is another, although admittedly I am less inclined to openly discuss the latter here.

I’d say that I’m an aspiring writer, but that’s like saying I’m an aspiring adult, as it is ultimately neither very interesting nor am I necessarily particularly accomplished at it. I have been writing in some legible form or another for most of my life, which in the past decade and a half or so extended to being able to write cogent sentences. Having majored in Literature and Visual Arts, I graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2015, and am currently undertaking a Masters of the Universe  Master of Arts in Literature and Professional/Creative Writing. This may admittedly sound a bit shit, but at least it’s not a Creative Arts degree majoring in Theatre.

Here is where I will effuse and wax lyrical predominantly about games, pop culture, and other forms of media, because if my parents hadn’t wanted to me to make a career tangentially related to it, they wouldn’t have let their three-year old daughter play Lemmings.

So it goes.